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Add value to your customers by crafting custom software solutions tailored to them. Whether your need is to outsource your project or to hire skilled technology profressionals, Vue Consultants has vast experience in helping our clients succeed.

Forward Thinking Healthcare Technology

Modern clinical reasoning (decision support) products for payors and providers to improve health quality, thrive in value-based care, and stay ahead of regulation. Clinical decision support products that follow open standards and are open-source, brought to you by the team at Vermonster.

  • Reason: A clinical rules engine for decision support, prior-authorization, and alerts
  • Analyze: In-place population data analysis product for quality measures, dashboards, and care-gaps
  • Develop: TypeScript/Node.js software libraries to jumpstart your FHIR project supporting SMART and CDS Hooks

Our Experience

Build customer confidence by listing your users! With decades of experience, we bring people, processes and procedure to developing custom software solutions 24x7x365. Vue Consultants work alongside our clients as an extension of your team, bringing agility and innovation to the forefront in collaboratively finding solutions that are tailored to the end users. Our expertise spans multiple industries, from airline, education, mobile solutions, digital transformation, ecommerce, transport, banking and financial services. Our approach is human centered (User Centered Design) that focuses on the end user and offering hustle free experience to all the solutions we deliver.

Our Approach

We always incorporate consulting assignments into holistic project management. This guarantees effective time management, transparency over costs and the highest level of consulting quality at every stage of the project. Our mantra is that it always starts with people, hence our human centered approach to problem solving - start with people and end with innovative solutions that are tailor made to suit their needs

Our Solutions

VueEMR is our signature offline-first electronic health records and hospital information system. VueEMR's goal is a higher choice to its proprietary counterparts. Built on top of the open source HospitalRun solution, the software can be deployed in a variety of healthcare environments. Thanks to its technical feature that allows use even without connectivity, it is also suitable for clinics located in the most rural areas of the planet.

The first of a kind offline-first electronic health records and hospital information system.

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Tired of all the downtimes? Stuff just isn't working? If you spend too much time dealing with legacy software, incompentent staff, or un-manageable partners, we can help.

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To execute againts strategy, you need a solid foundation enabled by technology. We take time to understand what you're really trying to accomplish - not just technology, but business strategy.

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